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Major Ministry Builders

James Armstead

Aubry Boone

Anthony King


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Sandy Rodgers Ministries

The Ministry is totally supported by contributions from individuals. All contributions are tax deductible.




Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 Rev. Sandy has dedicated more than 40 years of her life,  ministering to people, helping both youth and adults. As she embarks upon this opportunity full time, she is excited to continue the work that has already begun.

  Through Sandy Rodgers Ministries  more than 200 lives are being touched and changed each month, this number is steadily increasing.

*    Through the HIV/AIDS program people are being helped to live more peacefully thru forgiveness and sharing their stories. Families are being reconnected after many years of separation and medical healing is happening. The participants contribute part of their healing to the work done in the workshops with Sandy. The Executive Director of Atlanta Interfaith AIDS, stated “after attending one of these sessions the individuals are more excited about living than ever before.”

*    In helping women live a more balanced life through various workshops and seminars, the community is enriched by strengthening the family. Workshops are conducted nationally.

*    We also conduct programs for the youth to ensure they have a better future by learning the importance of prayer and meditation.  A new program has been added to educate promising models of the industry.

*    Counseling is being done in Pre-marital and Post-martial (divorce) encouraging the person to heal their pains.

*    Business Consulting and Entrepreneurial Development, guides individuals from thought/conception to full manifestation.

*    Changing Lives is a program geared towards helping recently released ex offenders to make the transition back into society and prevent their return to jail or prison.



Rev. Sandy Rodgers

P.O. BOX 67

Austell, GA 30168-4336 


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Sandy Rodgers Ministries has worked with several faith-based organizations in fulfilling its purpose. These groups include but are not limited to:

 Masjiid Hassan – Muslim Community in Ft. Worth Texas

 Turner Hill UMC – Marietta Georgia

 New Testament – Atlanta Georgia

 Preach and Teach Ministries – Atlanta Georgia

 Hillside Chapel and Truth Center – Atlanta Georgia

 Marietta Chapel AME – Marietta Georgia

 Douglasville Seventh Day Adventist – Douglasville Georgia

 Southside Ministerial Association – Georgia (Ecumenical)

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Atlanta, Georgia

A.L.I.V.E. Christian Center, Marietta, Georgia

 LOGOS STUDY CENTRE, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India













Major Ministry Builders

James Armstead

Aubry Boone

Anthony King


We thank you for your generous support.