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Rev. Sandy Rodgers

Transformation Expert

Rev. Sandy's business education began with a family collaborative called 'Unity-N-Business' in 1978. Each family member was tasked with creating a business complete with a business  and marketing plan. She insists her accomplishments in life are a testament to the power of positive role models for young people. With that influence Sandy has spent her entire life making a positive difference in the lives of others, especially the youth. In all of her endeavors, Rev. Sandy says she remains aware of her personal mission in life - "To help facilitate the healing of myself and others."

Over thirty years experience as a Corporate Trainer and Program Developer. Two of the programs: "Positive Customer Contact Workshop" increased service quality in Pacific Bell's customer service offices, initially throughout southern California eventually statewide; "Simply The Best" developed successful communication tools to improve information flow between two critical business departments - with deregulation, Pacific Bell was forced to restructure in order to keep its customers; analyzed complex situation in which two distinct departments had to merge to stay competitive. Both of these programs received high honors from the Headquarters Management of Pacific Bell.


Owned and operated Nu Vision Modeling in South Central Los Angeles, promoting the inherent goodness of all persons focusing on the inner city youth. Several goals were achieved, the most significant was the fact that 100% of all graduating high school seniors attended a school of higher learning, due to the the influence and impact Rev. Sandy had on the young people. She recognized a lack of self-esteem and self-love often led to destructive lifestyles for many youngsters living in the inner city.


Successfully held several leadership positions in various religious denominations, including Board Chair, Public Relations Director, Program Manager, Primary Education Parent Teacher Fellowship President, and Continuing Spiritual Education Director.

Rev. Sandy has established several training companies, two of which are Glasgow Armstead Behavioral Group in 1993, and Keep America Strong Inc whose goals are to improve the lives of individuals and to assist with the development of communities across the nation.

Keep America Strong Inc, created in 2001 is a spiritually based, non-profit corporation established to facilitate restoration for men, women and children through healing of the mind, body and spirit. Our purpose is to offer training, education, assistance and motivation to adults as well as youth through a variety of mediums.




THE ROSE GARDEN WORKSHOP - A workshop to facilitate uncovering hidden elements which may hinder full optimum life for females.

THE ROSE GARDEN PROJECT - Designed to provide alternatives and choices for young females being exploited by commercial sex trade.


 LIVING HONORABLY WITH HIV/AIDS - Focus on life and living with dignity for those infected and affected. An excellent tool to create an AIDS Outreach Program.

HEALTH CONSULTANT - Reiki Practioner,  Holistic modalities, healing hands, eating naturally combined with wisdom from the elders.

AUTHENTIC SELF LIFE SKILLS - Created to assist those transitioning to the workplace, by providing life skills and employment readiness training. Offers innovative workforce management solutions.

TOTAL WELLNESS PROJECT - Health, Education and Economics. Developed to offer an overall, effective program in dealing with AIDS pandemic in Africa.

CHANGING LIVES - In this program the person learns to do constructive analysis of self and where and how to modify one's own direction.

USING THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES TO BUILD RESILIENCY - Community Partnership and Youth Advocacy Program to aide youth in empowerment.

THE WORLD IS YOURS - Youth Celebration that provides an active participatory training program to youth that includes mentors from business and professional organizations.

IN FULL BLOOM - Designed to assist females in reaching their full potential and self actualization.

THE INFLUENCE OF DIVERSITY - Cuts through to discover why we hold certain prejudices and beliefs, while providing resources to change core concepts.

IN THE MIDDLE - Youth Intervention Program

BUILDING DISCIPLES - Church/Community Outreach gives the tools to identify the needs of the targeted population and creating programs to serve effectively.

S.O.S. (SAVING OUR SOULS) TOTAL TREATMENT PROGRAM - The goals of this program are to serve persons being released from the penal system who may be struggling with alcohol or drug addiction in a residential facility.

BUILDING A STRONG LEADERSHIP TEAM - Residential Facilities staff training and development.

ME Treats - A program of short 'retreats' designed to provide the caregiver with coping mechanisms and physical and mental exercises to maintain their own health.

MODELING WORKSHOP - Assists aspiring models with proper guidance and support in pursuing a career in the modeling industry.

WE ARE ALL AFFECTED - THE VILLAGE RESPONSE TO HIV/AIDS - A community forum delivering education, knowledge, information and awareness of HIV/AIDS.

World Financial Group

Women Financial Brunch 2007


Rev. Msgr. Dariusz Giers 

Vatican Communications Specialist 


Affiliations:  Keep America Strong Inc,  NAFE, SpunKey Learning Concepts, Cobb Community Collaborative, Near Southeast CDC, Giving Back Foundation, Sow As We Grow, Southside Ministerial Association, The National Parent Education Center, Georgia Community Planning Group, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network Inc., A Company of Women, Center for the Visually Impaired

Board Membership: The National Parent Education Center, Georgia Black Gay Lesbian Transgender Political Action Committee, First Sunday Fellowship, SisterLove


Rev. Sandy Rodgers has dedicated her life to being of service to humanity. Beginning in the 1960's in Watts, California on to Atlanta Georgia and into Ghana West Africa. Sandy believes a whisper of love can be felt across a crowded room and reach the individual who hide in their own shadows. Her heart is filled with passion for the transformation and encouragement of the children of yesterday, today and years to come. Sandy Rodgers Ministries serves the world with its Cyber Ministry of Daily In-spiration teachings.

 Rev Rodgers has served the populous including an annual youth program serving thousands in Fort Worth Texas; the community-at-large and her most rewarding work as a workshop facilitator within the HIV/AIDS community. Through faith, love, hope, compassion, passion, commitment, responsiveness and actions, Rev. Sandy help save the lives of many wanderers. She knows and trusts that with God's  grace and mercy, we can all be transformed to reach a place where we can fulfill our divine purpose in life without limits.

 Transforming human darkness into the Light and Love of God is the cornerstone of all Rev. Sandy' Rodgers' work.



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