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Rev. Sandy Rodgers

Transformation Expert



Rev. Sandy has been described as a bridge builder for people of different cultures. She is always stretching the circle wider, "all must be included" is her philosophy. She consistently helps individuals discover their unique gifts and gently urges them to fully develop their purpose.

Rev. Rodgers is skilled in Church management, organization, and staff development, program coordination and educational programs. She has worked with small congregations of 50 to larger congregations. She has chaired Boards and served as a Board member of various denominations.

Over thirty years of successful experience in Corporate Management positions have included Statewide Resource and Training Manager, Training Developer and Security Trainer with the Olympics.

Youth personal development began in the 1970's with national organizations, Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts. Rev. Sandy also operated her own youth performing arts company in South Central Los Angeles.

Rev. Sandy's teenage years (1963 - 1966) were spent actively engaged in social service, as one of the founding members of SCFIW - Student Committee For Improvement In Watts. "Their  progress and their plans have been praised by the Los Angeles City Council and police officials alike." as documented in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner September 1, 1964. In 1967, Rev. Sandy participated in the Southern Appalachian Encampment for Citizenship held at Lees Jr. College, Jackson Kentucky., and the The United Crusade Student Conference.

Other Community service organizations include CCDA - Community Cultural Development Association, a multi- nationality collaboration that brought together the talents of residents of Los Angeles.

White House, Washington D.C.


Affiliations:  Keep America Strong Inc, Glasgow Armstead Behavioral Group, African Heritage Youth Club, NAFE, AIDS Alliance for Faith and Health, SpunKey Learning Concepts, Cobb Community Collaborative, Near Southeast CDC, Giving Back Foundation, Sow As We Grow, Southside Ministerial Association, The National Parent Education Center, Georgia Community Planning Group, Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network Inc., A Company of Women, Center for the Visually Impaired,  Sister Love



Lithia Springs High School

2010 Special Olympics





Innovative Solutions

Business Plans - from start up to success

Resource Specialist

Event Coordinator

Church Organization

Self Published Authors

Life Coach

Breakthrough Facilitator

Healing Specialist

Empowerment Guide

Corporate Coach

Youth Coach

Prayers at Fort Walton Beach, Florida 2010


Non-traditional approach - proven effective

Rites of Passage - Females

Youth Programs

Reiki II Practitioner

Global Ambassador - Nu Vision Global Enterprise Inc.

African Heritage Youth Club



Youth -


Detention Centers

Youth Groups

Women -

Women Ministries

Social Clubs




Men -

Endowed with a special gift to be a listener and non-threatening participant to openly guide men to deal and heal their innermost emotions.



Faith-based groups

Community Organizations



Cody Lewis Blue Ribbon 1st Place 2010

AIDS Walk 2008

Rev. Sandy Rodgers has dedicated her life to being of service to humanity. Beginning in the 1960's in Watts, California on to Atlanta Georgia and into Ghana West Africa. Sandy believes a whisper of love can be felt across a crowded room and reach the individual who hide in their own shadows. Her heart is filled with passion for the transformation and encouragement of the children of yesterday, today and years to come. Sandy Rodgers Ministries serves the world with its Cyber Ministry of Daily In-spiration teachings.

 Rev Rodgers has served the populous including an annual youth program serving thousands in Fort Worth Texas; the community-at-large and her most rewarding work within the HIV/AIDS community. Through faith, compassion, love, hope,  passion, commitment, responsiveness and actions, Rev. Sandy help save the lives of many wanderers. She knows and trusts that with God's  grace and mercy, we can all be transformed to reach a place where we can fulfill our divine purpose in life without limits.

 Transforming human darkness into the Light and Love of God is the cornerstone of all Rev. Sandy Rodgers' work.


Partial Client List:

The Bridge for the Needy

We Care and Share

Last House on the Block

Miramonte Seventh Day Adventist

New Life Christian School

Disciples of Christ

Ruth Moore's Volunteer Organization

Southwest Los Angeles College

Cascade House Women's Shelter

National Association of Black Narcotics Agents

Marietta Chapel AME Church

Masjiid Hassan Mosque

The Last Chance Recovery Program

Union Missionary Baptist Church

US Berlin Peace Initiative

Youth Motivation Task Force

California Institute for Women Prison Reform

Color Me Bright Entertainment - Hollywood

Bronze Mahogany Fashion & Beauty Magazine

Smooth Jazz Travel Guide

Miss Southern California Pageant, Inc.

Urban Slam Productions

Washington High School, Los Angeles

Markham Junior High School, Los Angeles

Venetian Hills Elementary, Atlanta




Marcus Haynes 3 Years Old

2010 BEGIN Program at CVI